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We pulled the trigger!

Climate Change places the human species at the 11th hour. 

Have we created an idiotic biotic crisis? Will we become pumpkin fodder? 

97% of climate change scientists agree that global warming is a result of human action. Act now and join the dynamic global movement to reinstate a thriving and balanced planetry ecosystem. Save the Human is united with the global force that says yes to change! 

It is to be our own hero in these climatic times. Inspiring others to follow...

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Ecosystem Go!

To focus on homo sapiens in this campaign is to embrace all species. 

Acting now to save our own species from full CO2 self-destruct, will draw back the thousands of other species that have been hit by us humans.   

Nearly half of 177 mammal species recently surveyed have lost more than 80% of their distribution between 1900 and 2015*.

We are required big time to restore our place of equlibrium in the singular global ecosystem. This will reignite the balanced expression of all life on earth. Who's in?

*Prof Gerardo Ceballos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 

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