Get back to Nature? We are nature!

Great things are being said these days about "getting back to nature", "nature connection" and "nature immersion". However it's closer than that is'nt it? We are inextricably part of nature and cannot physically seperate ourselves if we tried. The split has been in our minds. How can we be seperate? We are a species, on planet earth, living within one ecosystem. 

We have always been part of the glorious woodwork...

Get ya feet dirty!

Squelchy, feet in mud, cold grass, grass in between toes..morning dew. 

Barefoot beyond the beach can be a wonderful thing. A sensory adventure on the soles - rocks, mud, grass, woodland moss and river rush. It is said that walking on our bare pins is great for working the minutiae of tiny feet muscles and receiving all sorts of little accupressure treatments as we walk the terrain. Such a freedom from the lock down of socks and boots! Enjoy...

Magic of small things...

"Small things are Big" Yogi Berra

Maybe that speaks to you? The daisies, the cappacinno froth, the scent of laundry. The pleasure of these bright moments that make us stop in our tracks and be totally and utterly present. Present to ourselves, present to the world...What is greater than that?